Monitoring and maintaining a social media presence on your wedding day can be stressful if you don’t have a plan. Your Aunt Cindy loves you but can’t ensure perfect lighting, a great angle, and a good mix of pictures posted to your social media accounts on the big day.

This is why I created HashtagiDo. On your big day ALL EYES should be on you – the ones who couldn’t make it after all, the ones who you wish you could afford to invite, even the ones you didn’t invite to physically be present at your wedding. We all have em’.

For as long as I can remember, weddings have been a big part of my life. I got my first taste of the excitement of wedding days when I was just 7 years old, serving as a flower girl for my Godmother in Hawaii.  Since then, I went on to be a part of dozens of other ceremonies.  As an adult, my career in television news has enabled me to share stories that matter.

HashtagiDo is an extension of myself and is a combination of all the things I love.  Keeping your loved ones feeling connected and sharing the sweetest moments of your day is what I am most passionate about.


I’m guessing you might be thinking, how did you come up with this idea?

I am known to be on social media AT ALL TIMES. If you think you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter a lot, multiply that by 5.

During my wedding planning in 2014, I realized I would need some help maintaining my feeds on the biggest day my life.

Luckily, I had a few friends I could trust, who were willing to help!
I created a list of post examples I wanted to see, instructions on what NOT to show and of course, the username and passwords to my accounts.
My friends captured snapshots from my wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
On the day of the #BroritoWedding, they spent time in the bridal suite, documented guest arrivals and of course, everything else during the wedding.
Since Facebook Live wasn’t a ‘thing’ back then, through a service called ustream family and friends watched the ceremony live.
In all, about 75 people watched me and my sweet husband Marquese tie the knot.
So there you have it, you now know my story and hopefully can realize I want to help you share your story!


“Take a picture it’ll last longer,” is an old saying that still stands, every day more people are looking back on their lives digitally​. The images & videos captured by HashtagiDo on your big day will live happily ever after…online!
The truth is, not every single person on your guest list will be able to make it to your wedding.
There’s also the possibility you may not be able to invite everyone you want to.
Our service allows you to reach out to the people you care about and make them feel like they’re present, no matter ​where​ they are, one post at a time.
HashtagiDo is in all actuality another photographer/videographer providing you with real time photo and video you can enjoy while you’re on the way way to your honeymoon.


Let’s be honest, you’ve spent months (maybe even YEARS!) preparing for your wedding.
If you are not the obsessed wedding planner, I know you’re still extremely excited to be married to your partner in these next few months and will enjoy HashtagiDo pictures and videos for YEARS to come.
I will help you showcase every single detail you’ve selected for your big day, as you would like me too.
Every detail you have planned and paid for will be documented exactly how you want, the flowers, place settings and everything else you have incorporated into your big day will be shared on social media.


Weddings already go by SO FAST, you wake up excited to marry your best friend and before you know it you are leaving the venue. Each minute you spend on your phone is a minute you’re taking away from someone who is there to honor your relationship and celebrate with you!
Trusting HashtagiDo to manage your social media, allows you to be fully present ALL DAY. It also allows me to capture authentic candid moments, so that you can engage with your friends and family – without either parties using their phones. You’ll thank me later.


Creating a memorable and meaningful hashtag is important. I will help you create a hashtag which represents your unique union and that is easy to remember for your guests.
Hashtags allow you to have a deposit of videos and photos on social media platforms which you can access whenever. Having a hashtag is also proven to encourage guests to capture the sweet moments you and your photographer might not anticipate!


Every bride or groom has different social media habits. I explain to all of my customers that my services depend on their preferences if you want to go Kim K and #breaktheinternet – I’ll make it happen. It’s also okay if you simply want a down to earth social media presence of your big day. Learn more about HashtagiDo services here.

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